[ARTICLE] There’s No Group Like 2NE1

2NE1 sure knows how to enjoy their time on stage every single time. Whenever they perform it’s like a festival. They said, “Now we’re really ready to play.” The group recently released their new album Crush, and they said themselves that it’s “like their 1st album.”


“Our thirst for a full length album has been resolved. We’ve become accustomed to staying busy, we want to show you more on stage, and we’ve been wanting to sing new songs. But we couldn’t, and that was frustrating. We held our first world tour for 2 years, but unfortunately we didn’t have new songs to sing.”

This album was even more special for CL. For the first time ever she participated as a songwriter and composer, and thanks to Yang Hyun Suk’s special attention, the album was released on the talented singer’s birthday. At most she started composing the song 2-3 months ago, and she’s been praised by everyone for the completeness of the music.

“While making this album, and while we were recording the songs I made, our members have developed a closeness. Although my role is large right now, the other members’ roles can be larger in other songs. Each and every one of our members is very important. That’s what I realized while working on this album.”

2NE1 went head to head against popular girl group Girls’ Generation. Girls’ Generation had announced their comeback first. Girls’ Generation were scheduled to release their new mini album title song “Mr.Mr” on the 18th, and were supposed to hold their first comeback stage on Mnet’s “M Countdown” on the 20th. The entire album was supposed to be released on the 24th. 2NE1′s full album release and comeback was scheduled for the same day on the 24th.

However, SM had to suddenly delay their comeback. This was due to Girls’ Generation’s “Mr.Mr” music video data being corrupted. They revealed that they would be announcing a new comeback date because of their damaged music video. YG used the strategy of delaying their album release date as well. YG revealed that they would be releasing the comeback on the 26th for CL’s birthday, who created 3 of the songs.

But suddenly Girls’ Generation decided to release their full album on the 24th, and 2NE1′s album released followed thereafter. The two groups were receiving a lot of attention even before their album releases. They both raised expectations with their similarly timed comebacks.

“Our tour was scheduled for March 2nd and 3rd. We didn’t feel very good about not having any new songs for our first tour. Since it was our first world tour we did it happily and worked really hard, but we were eager to hold a world tour after a new album release so that we could perform new songs onstage. That’s why we decided on a comeback date in late February.”

2NE1 overtook Girls’ Generation on music charts and rose to the top. Recently they also took home the number 1 trophy on a music program, and received praise for their unique color in the new album.

“I think it’s really great for girl groups to be active for a long time. In a way, it feels like 2NE1 has overcome a big mountain. Girls’ Generation has probably had very similar feelings. And it’s really admirable that they’re very active in other areas. We support woman power, so we hope for many other such groups.”

2NE1 was then asked, “But aren’t you falling behind in terms of romance?” and the members put on bemused expressions. “That’s true… We keep getting asked about our love lives because it’s White Day, but we really do fall behind,” CL answered, unable to hide her sorrow.

The members are at an age where they should be actively dating. When about to be asked whether they were limiting themselves or not being given the opportunity to do so, Bom said, “We don’t have the opportunity.” CL said, “It’s not too good to be close. There’s a lot of ‘You can’t do this,’ and there are lots of conservative opinions because we’re like little sisters. For the older members, it’s because they don’t go out. To be honest Dara deeply contemplated on the matter.” Dara said, “Yang Hyun Suk and other artists were more worried than I was. I should hurry up and relieve them of this worry,” and let out a big sigh.

“There’s no group like 2NE1. Nor will there be one in the future. We’re confident in that. We’re different in our personalities, our looks, our preferences, and in everything. Whether good or bad, we can’t confidently say that there’s never been another group like us.”

For the past 2 years while they were preparing for this album, 2NE1 members had to endure through a tough time. They didn’t know it at the time, but now that they’re looking back at that period, they feel as if they’ve overcome a huge mountain. Like CL said, 2NE1′s confidence and passion for performing has grown.

And during that time the relationship between the members has grown much deeper, and all the hard times paid off in this new album. It was a time when they could have easily fallen. But the girls didn’t lean on one another, and instead won through with each member’s strong mentality. That’s why 2NE1 has come back stronger. Now that they’ve overcome such a difficult time, they’re ready for whatever else may come their way.

“We don’t know what that might be. Bumps come up in the road unexpectedly. We think we’ve overcome each situation very well, and we want to do so for a long, long time.”

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[ARTICLE] Interview : 2NE1’s Sandara Park Says Yang Hyun Suk is More Worried About Her Dating Life


2NE1’s Sandara Park revealed her concerns regarding her relationship status.

In a recent interview, the 2NE1 members coolly said, “[Compared to the other groups], we’re far behind in terms of dating.”

As she talked about how she got the ideas for her songs, CL naturally began talking about dating.

“I got inspiration from the members for Crush and for Baby I miss you, I imagined the situation where you like someone but don’t want to express it,” said CL.

When asked if they are refraining from dating on purpose, Park Bom said, “I don’t have any opportunities. There’s no one to date around me.” Continue reading

[INTERVIEW] 2NE1 “Feels Happy” and They “Broke Away From Their Routine”


2NE1 is different. There are many words to describe other girl groups, such as sexy, cute and pure. But 2NE1 made their own kind of adverb, such as “~is like 2NE1.” Some people say that their music is kind of rough, but actually, their music has a wide spectrum, ranging from “CRUSH,” “COME BACK HOME” in the second album, which show their “rough” trait, to “IF I WERE YOU,” “GOOD TO YOU,” “MISSING YOU,” to “HAPPY” and “BABY, I MISS YOU.” The latter two describes sad feelings after breakup, and strong melodies, respectively.

In the new album, there are five songs which were either written or composed by the leader CL, and they show 2NE1’s upgraded skill in music. They are also breaking their own records. In the U.S. “Billboard 200” Album Chart, one of their songs ranked 61, the highest ranking ever received by a Korean group. Their title song “COME BACK HOME” topped all music sites. On Mar. 16 in SBS “Inkigayo,” their song “COME BACK HOME” was placed first for the first time in major Korean public TVs. Let’s hear what 2NE1 has to say.

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[INTERVIEW] 2NE1, “We are Thankful for YG’s Advice, but He is Scary Sometimes”


Korea’s power girl group 2NE1 (CL, BOM, DARA, and MINZY), who’s leading the K-POP, finally released their second regular album “CRUSH” after about four years of waiting.

2NE1, a veteran girl group and cultural ambassador who promotes Korean culture, debuted six years ago. They say that their new album marks a turning point in their career. 2NE1 was able to produce a satisfactory album with various genres of music that represent each member’s different styles in music such as reggae, hip hop, and R&B. 2NE1′s member CL personally wrote the lyrics and music for the album.

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[INTERVIEW] “There is no other girl group in the world like us” – 2NE1

Releasing their 2nd Full Album full of Power, 2NE1 “Crossed Over a High Mountain”

gallery_2ne1_2nd_album_01During the interview, 2NE1 didn’t hide their confidence, “Wherever in you go in the world, there’s no group like us.” CL who participated in composing for their new album said, “It feels refreshing to accomplish (album) this for 2 years.”

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[INTERVIEW] Yoo In Na Admits She’s a Big Fan of BIGBANG and 2NE1

You can find Yoo In Na (32) in most hit Korean soap operas. She first made her debut in “Unstoppable High Kick!” and later appeared in “Secret Garden,” and “The Greatest Love.” All the pieces that she took part in had high viewing rates and were popular. Yoo In Na didn’t play big roles in all of the dramas. But, she did her best in her role, whether big or small, and added a special touch to the drama. She said, “I didn’t try to be greedy in selecting roles. I just chose roles that I could play well.”

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[NEWS] YG-Life : 2NE1’s 4 Thrills…from Billboard to First Appearance on TV (Direct Interview)


[스타뉴스 길혜성 기자] Girl group 2NE1 (CL, DARA, BOM, and MINZY) has finally disclosed the performance for their second full-length album “CRUSH” and kicked off performance for the new album in earnest. The four members expressed their feelings about four thrills that they have recently experienced in an interview with us.

2NE1 appeared on SBS channel’s live-broadcast music show “INKIGAYO” shot in the afternoon on the 9 at SBS Hall located in Deungchon-dong, Seoul. In the show, 2NE1 gave performance of two songs: “COME BACK HOME”, the title of their second full-length album, and “CRUSH”, which has the same title with the new album itself. Continue reading